Kanye is Crazy?

I haven't written a while so I thought the best thing to do was tackle a controversial and polarising character and topic to ease myself back in... Enjoy!


Balanced Books. Balanced Diet.

Sometimes "the grind" can really leave you struggling not just on the playing field but in the bank.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

In his letter to the court, convicted child molester Larry Nassar described his victims as "woman scorned" as if they had been rejected in love. But they gave this a new definition. And they made him pay for the hell he put them through.

To The Bone: The Portrayal of Eating Disorders

Are we able to portray mental illness through the arts without the worry of glorification or romanticising?

The Problem with Mental Health

The words "mental health" can make us squirm in our seats but do we actually know what it means? And do we know how to maintain the good days?